Sunday, July 26, 2009

E. Lynn Harris dies at 54. 23 July 2009

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Just went to to poke around for books for want of something to do. I was stopped cold when I saw a little section on their site called "Remembering E. Lynn Harris".

Oh no! I thought. No way. Can't be...
E. Lynn Harris, is a writer whom I've read for years and like quite a lot.

Our worlds are miles and miles apart. I'm a white straight stay at home mom from the middle of America and he was a black gay business man from down south.

A lot of his books delt with young black men who were trying to come to terms with being gay. And I found that very interesting. I like stories wherein the people the story is about come to acceptence, or sometimes not, with something about themselves or their life. A disability, drug use and recovery, being gay, or whatever. Oddly though a lot of my favorite writers are gay.

Mr. Harris wrote an autobiography called What Becomes of the Broken Hearted. I've got it on Audible along with several of his other books. I think I am going to download it on the iPod and listen to it again as it is quite good. And as our sour old postman failed to ever show up yesterday I'm at a lack of items to read. Oh I've reading things alright but the ones I do wish to read are not here... Maybe tomorrow...

Side note. This blogging on the fly is rather addictive. I wish I could post to Open Diary this easy... Ooh I gotta go poke Larry. He's played snooz alarm tag for the better part of an hour and I haven't heard any noise for a while now. Gotta go roost him out of bed. He hates that I do this but it is better than him being late and even more cross... I sware it would be sensible if you've got work at seven in the morning to come to bed before two...

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