Friday, July 24, 2009

Good Greef, I'm a demented teenager trapped in a 32 year old woman's body!

How about we give this another go? I had this all done, but got quite distracted by the stepdaughters and friends being yet again dropped off with very little warrning that I somehow screwed up how to post... So here we go again!

I was checking my Email a short while ago. I was looking to see if the woman from grad services from Guide Dogs had wrote back regarding my Fleming's retirement. She hadn't. She might be out and if I remember correctly, Thursday and Friday are her days off? Well. I'm going to give her 'til the first part of August to get back with me. If I've not heard anything then I'll ring the school directly and tell them. I like working with this woman as we've been in touch for the whole of Fleming's working life and she's been my "Go To" person in grad services. Although the rest of the people in grad services and most of the staff and trainers that work at Guide Dogs are all really good people. I can't think of too many GDB employees that I dislike or can't manage to get on well with...

Well at any rate, the Guide Dogs lady has yet to write me back.

What I did receive was the standard assortment of mailing list traffic and facebook messages telling me somebody commented on my status, or sent me a message, or commented on someone else's status I already commented on, or wrote on my wall or whatever facebook thing happened.

Then down at the very bottem. I saw in the "From" field Ben Folds.

Yes! As in that Ben Folds! The Piano God most loved music person along with Sufjan Stevens and Iron and Wine, who really is just one person called Sam Beam,.

Well here is this Email. And here it says "Ben Folds" in the from line. and for a split second I think maybe he Emailed me? Naah. Then I laugh to my self for thinking such a stupid thing.
It isn't from Ben Folds, not directly anyway. It is a newsletter sent out by somebody someplace at the record company Ben Folds is with. This newsletter gets sent out every so often to let people who sign up for it all the latest Ben Folds related news, ture dates, new projects, contests and the like.
I keep forgetting I've signed up for it so am always suprized for a moment when it comes in.

Besides that. Why would Ben Folds who is important and talented and who has a life and family and job and all write me? I'm a nobody. A fat stay at home mom in a largeish metro area in the heart of America. A nobody. What would a somebody like him want with a nobody like me?

Oh how I would love to meet him though. I wouldn't be all stupid about it like some people though. I don't understand people that try to rip famous people's clothes off or who fling under garments at them or who shreek and stammer or whatever.

I've got a friend in St. Louis who love love loves Kid Rock. She follows him around the country as she is able. She will flirt with him and all but she's cool about it and I think it's cute. She's also perhaps the ballziest person I know for all she does to go see Kid Rock. Makes me smile because I wish I could be that bold with Ben Folds.

But I'm shy. Plus I don't go all in for the frantic freenzy that most fans show for whoever they like.

Like these teens and preteens. Shreaking and sworming and fainting and what not. It is crazy...

If I could meet Ben Folds though. I'd just tell him thank you for the music. It has been part of the soundtrack of my life for the past twelve or so years. got me through a lot, good and bad and gave me courage when I'd of otherwise chickened out.

I've only got to see one show of his in person in 2004 and I had to overcome a lot of fears to do this. I took the 14 hour one way bus trip with Fleming, my guide dog, from where we were living in Denver to here in KC where the show was. That was one thing I was nervous about. Then I had to overcome two big fears that presented themselves at the show. The fear of strangers in crowds and being out in the open outdoors.
I nearly chickened out several times prior to getting through the ticket line... But once Ben came out and started singing my mind was able to focus on that, on his music and I forgot myself for a few wonderful hours.

It would also be nice if I could make friends with him. Like my Kid Rock loving fan has done with the people, the Van Zant brothers in I think it is Lenard Skinerd... She's on good terms with them and I'd love to be like that with Ben Folds.

I wouldn't be like a lot of people who only befriend a famous person just so they can get money and their picture on TV with that person and get a book deal for a "unauthorized tell all behind stage" sort of book that says every bad thing the famous person has done.

I'm not a stupid person. I know Ben Folds has probily done a lot of "bad" things. Everybody does and just because some one is famious is a right to blow whatever it is up? No. That's crazy...

No no. I'd just want to be his friend because he seems like a really nice down to earth interesting sort of guy.
Sure I think he's cute and adorible in a slightly geeky sort of way. He's just rather charming like that. But he's a wife and children and so I wouldn't be looking to be on the make for him. Even if he were single. I am not. Nevermind how much I may complain about Larry in this blog or elsewhere in my other blogs. He is first and formost my partner and the father of my children and so I will stand by him nevermind how stupid I think some of the stuff he does is or how frustrating or moody he can get. If I had a chance to spend a night with Ben Folds I would maybe like a nice quiet dinner someplace not fancy and maybe spending a long while just talking or looking at TV or whatever or just having fun. With his wife and kids and Larry and Skye and baby Benjamin...

Well. In this Email there was a link to follow Ben Folds on Twitter. I have been wanting to follow him on Twitter but I can never tell if the "Ben Folds" in the search results is really him or if it is someone playin' at being him, as I saw on livejournal or maybe it was here on blogger or blogspot or whatever. or what. I forget how I found his myspace page. I think I just typed it in or maybe a firend found it for me...

I wish I could find his FaceBook if he has one. There are a few FaceBook profiles under Ben Folds or Benjamin Folds or his whole name Benjamin Scott Folds, but again I don't know if they are him for real or someone who has his same name or someone playin at it.

Well this twitter link was the real deal so I went to start following him.
So now I and sixteenthousand others follow him... The letter says he responds to his fans that tweet him, my goodness that sounds dirty. But I doubt the likes of me would be noticed by the likes of him.

I wish he'd go on a ture with Sufjan Stevens and Iron and Wine. I wish they would make an album, the three of them together. Oh if that, if either of thsoe happened? I'd die and be in music Heaven!
What's more? I think he likes these other two. I've seen them pointed out on his myspace blog. Sufjan most memoribly as I didn't think anyone else knew of Sufjan. God I love Sufjan. As much as Ben Folds, those two are tied for first place with poor old Sam coming in second or third place.

Their music is peaceful and nice and creaitive unlike the cookie cutter pop crap that is spit out of the big media michine factory.

So there I am now, along with sixteen thousand others following him. I would join his fanclub but I'm afraid that that is the last checkbox to be checked on the list of "You might be obsessed with Ben Folds if" list.

I mean I already:

1. Know all of Ben Folds and Ben Folds Five songs by heart
2. Cart the tickets from the only Ben Folds show I've ever been to as good luck charms in my bag.
3. Named my baby son Benjamin, not totally for the fact of Ben Folds but partly.
4. Pre-ordered and counted down the days 'til the release of "Way Too Normal" last year

5. Stock him on Twitter and MySpace

6. Write long blathering blogs about him every so often

7. Dream about meeting him in person.

8. Have actuial dream dreams at night about seeing/meeting him. No no sex btw.
9. Read his wikipedia entry to learn more info and already know a good chunk of info on him. Also nearly put off having my daughter Skye so she would have the same birthday, 12 September. Her birthday is one day earlier on 11 September which I had swore up and down I would not pick for her birthday because of the fact it was 11 September. I was about to say 12 September but I was so sick of the pregnancy and everything by that time I didn't much care any more, plus I figured everyone would think me nuts for picking 12 September because that is Ben Folds's birthday.

Number 10 would be me. A grown woman housewife and mother joining the Ben Folds Fan Club. A fan club. at my age? Right... Truly that would be the time to call the nice young men in their clean white coats to come and take me away...

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