Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Randomness. Thought ala carte .

I'm up early.
My head ache had been gone but I can feel tendrells of it sneaking back in... Ug.

Ooh! KFC's grilled chicken was just on TV I want some. It is so yummy! I very well may get some on Friday.

T-mobile is on crack. They shut off my 710 number as I went over the 150 limit of money. They want 119 to cut it back on. :-( That is a lot of money. Well I'll pay them. Still.

As you can tell this is quite random. I really don't have any one thing to say.

I learned more about that birth orgnisem in Texas that slottered her three and a half week old baby son. It just keeps getting worse and this is just what the police can say. I get the impression there is more but honestly?
The B.O. stabed the baby boy in the chest, cut off his head, sliced off part of his face, ate some of his brains and chewed off three of the poor little baby's toes!

The news presenters on our local Fox station couldn't get it all out in one go. You could tell the man, Mark Alfard was just gobbsmacked. I don't think I could be depened upon to report that story. I'd puke or cry or say a whole bunch of naughty words and get a giant fine from the FCC. If I were the doctors or nurses needed to care for this thing in hospital I'm not sure I could. I would not be able to keep a civil toung in my head or be detached. Why should this thing be allowed one more day at life after what it did?

And look it is going to claim it was suffering PPD Or post Partum psychosis or Disassotive Identiy Disorder or PTSD or whatever. I ligit deal with this stuff daily pretty good now but now things like this bitch will just make the world look at those of us who are mental ill even worse.

I just. I don't even know what to say. Really I don't...

Moving on then. Ate his brains? WTF? Okay really going to move on.

The Mermaids book is done. shshsh I've captured it on the HD so it can live on my iPod. You know and I know there are people out there that do this and as long as they don't make money off it who is it killing? I mean really?

Going to rip "That Night" if I start it now it might make it back in the post before the postman gets here... Or I may just send it back tomorrow.

The Mermaids book is really sort of strange and I sware I must of read it before. It doesn't suck. It is just weird but kind of good.

The fix it man is due round in a while. Our sinkpig is leaking. That's garbage disposal for you alll who may not call it the sink pig... It is leaking and we can not use a whole side of our sink.

Uuh I have to run as the dishwasher just cut off. I'm finishing up the kitchen and finishing up the dishes.

Okay back.

Yesterday I got a podcast DONE on using the normal full facebook site with voiceover. I tried it and wound up crashing facebook. :-(

Alright well I'm out of stuff for now. Having mint chocolate chip icecream and sweet tea. breakfast of champs. :-)

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