Monday, July 27, 2009


Our questionibly unstable postman came through! 3 of the now 5 books are here.
Mermaids, which is what I'm reading now.
That Night
Taxi from Hell.

These are the ones that have come in. I'm still waiting on a really old ham radio book and now one that was sent out today about that disorder where people think they have whatever illnesses that are talked about on TV.

I so totally can not wait 'til we get the digital talking books and players. I might be able to download directly from the internet. I say might as I'm on a mac and this may only work with windows.... If it only works through windows. I guess I'll pester Larry to hook up my old windows box to the giant screen TV. Can think of other useful reasons to have it up and going again.

Well. This is happy news. Very more happy than the horror I posted earlier.

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