Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Very Interesting Feature: MarsEdit Bookmarklet

I think I have found possibly the best feature in MarsEdit.
I can not tell you how many times I've been on a page, like an article on Wikipedia, or a random news story or somebody's YouTube and I'll of wished... "I wish I could blog this and have my readers, assuming I've got readers out here in blogger/blogspot land, would say.

Well the Tech Gods have answered my prayers.

Enter the Blog This Bookmarklet.

You are on a page. You want to blog about the page. Easy. Just go up 'til you hit your bookmarks bar.

If you've this hidden away you'll need to unhide it and really it doesn't take up a whole load of room at the top of your screen.

VO around until you hear "Blog This button". Press it and booomp! There it is! A shiny new MarsEdit blog window. Simly fill in the Title if you want it to be different, add tags and blog away. Publish it and there ya go. A whole blog on that page detailing the strange things found in the stomachs of people rushed to hospital, or whatever it is...

It will show some of the webpage and any highlighted text you may have. For this first "blog this" thing I didn't highlight any text. However there are a bunch of HTML looking bits and bobs down under the text, linkage I'd assume or some such to the "Blog THis" spot on MarsEdit's webpage. I accidently blundered accross it late last night. When I went looking for it a while ago I could not find it anywhere! Thankfully Safari has a detailed history page and after a few fals starts I found it and thus share it with you.

The only problem VO users may have s draging the link up to the bookmarks bar. I employed the use of system zoom having shut VO off for a moment. I'm really not quite sure what to tell you prhaps clicking on the link? Because when I dragged it to the bookmarks bar it had a "Add to bookmarks" message box come up soyou may want to give that a go, or contact the Red-Swetter software people as I think I've heard they are keen on helping out with accessibility. Unless hey are the weird software company who gives no response. No this can't be right as their softwar is quite useable by VoiceOver. Well enjoy!

MarsEdit Bookmarklet: ""

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